Critically Endangered Fish

Critically Endangered Fish was a personal research project that visualizes the decline of marine life. I am interested in ecology and conservation, and I chose this topic to educate myself on an unglamorous but vital sector of the earth’s biome. Data was taken from the IUCN Red List.

I illustrated each figure and learned to appreciate the diversity of marine life, and the tragedy of the rapid decline of life in every body of water on earth. I chose the data points to emphasize how ecological and biological factors cannot keep up with the rate of human destruction.

  • Infographic
  • Data Visualization
  • Research


The entire sturgeon family is critically endangered due to the increasing human demand for luxury caviar, despite anti-poaching laws.
The bluefin tuna is a prized delicacy in Japanese cuisine, with global consumption pushing wild stocks to near extinction.
Sawfish, like the majority of shark species, are under a multitude of pressures, including overfishing, habitat loss, and being bycatch.