Embed Digital

Embed Digital is an audio visual installation company specializing in digital signage. The start-up sells solutions mainly to quick-service restaurants needing a global way to manage their communication needs.

I worked with a small team to market and demo packages to prospects, as well as develop and manage custom digital signage solutions for national and local clients.

  • Administration
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Print

Social Media

I created a series of graphics for social media that would quickly convey the benefits of converting from print signage to digital signage.

Attention + Retention

Moving objects naturally attract attention and make messages more memorable.

Cost + Consistency

Updating digital signage is limitless and global, which is crucial for large franchises relying on reducing overhead and having accurate information.

Space + Focus

Limitless messaging can be cycled on digital signage, saving valuable physical real estate and decluttering the environment.

Time + Fluidity

Digital signage eliminates months of planning, proofing, and distribution of print assets, allowing for rapid changes and experimentation.

Context + Content

Digital signage can change content based on weather, temperature, and time, maximizing the efficiency of available content.