HEAT UFC GYM is the gamification concept of UFC GYM. It utilizes user data such as heart rate, time spent at certain levels of elevated heart rate, and overall intensity of workouts to incentivize gym members to consistently exercise.

The goal of this project was to increase the value of the UFC GYM app to both gym members and the marketing team by creating a feedback loop of data that would give insights to improve user experience.

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Brand Identity


UFC GYM Home Page Evolution

I initially designed the reskin to feature the member ID, since it is the most utilized feature by far on the app. However, due to Netpulse’s (a fitness mobile app system) limitations, the design was reverted to tiles. Following this direction, the marketing team and I decided to curate only 7 option tiles on the home page (the most used features) and keep the member ID in it’s existing position in the top right.

Custom Icons

Class Heart Rate Tracking


The marketing team and I decided to include only the user’s heart rate percentage to make it easier to gauge effort. Since each individual’s physical inputs vary significantly, the percentage of each user’s heart rate range (calculated from age) and color quickly shows the recommended and safe zones to exercise in.