Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing is a boutique fitness brand that offers boxing-inspired classes to a niche demographic. I worked as the lead designer to develop the brand identity, design templates, and marketing visuals to support franchise partner marketing efforts.

As the most dynamic brand in Xponential Fitness’s roster, Rumble Boxing gave me the opportunity to design outside of typical corporate aesthetic and guide the brand in a new direction. My creative works for Rumble Boxing are some of my favorite design projects.

  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Print

Environmental Graphics

Rumble Boxing | Wall Graphic | Cactus

Location-specific Logos for Social Media

Rumble Boxing Instagram Search

I was tasked with creating several options of the Rumble logo to differentiate locations between each other when a lead searches through Instagram or Facebook for their local studio.

Although my variations for this project were not selected because of the lack of ability of the content portal’s ability to resize text correctly, the project challenged me to develop a composition with a high amount of variability.


Social Media